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Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

For information from the Los Angeles Fire Department on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness go to:




Some companies for Wildfire home hardening and prep:

All Risk Shield;

Defensible Space

The Palisades Chamber of Commerce has produced a very comprehensive folder for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. To access this information on-line, click on: Go to ‘helpful links’.

The following are just some of the tips and helpful hints involved in getting prepared:

  • Store one gallon of water per person per day. Rotate water supply every 6 months (do not store water bottles on concrete, put wood underneath)
  • Get a hardline phone (the old fashioned kind that does not require electricity)
  • While the shaking is going on…stay where you are. Take cover. After earthquake, go outside and look at house. Did it shift off foundation? Is gas leaking?
  • Family plan….this is what you do… Get your backpack, check in with neighbor and emergency numbers, where to meet, etc.
  • Get under something…triangle theory is wrong most of the time!
  • If you’re in bed…cover head with a pillow or roll out of bed and lay next to bed if something could fall on you.
  • Crow bar under every bed & car
  • Backpack under every bed (*meds, clothes, flashlight, glow sticks, water, space blanket, uggs, whistle walkie talkies, batteries)
  • Always look to see how you can exit a place
  • Family picture w/ pets (show proof to pick up pets); Extra pet food; pet records
  • Thumbdrive – scan important docs, email docs to yourself, passports, drivers license, bank statements, pet records
  • Generator (any neighbors have one?)
  • How to turn off gas  *only turn off if you smell gas or hear a hissing sound  *know how to re-light pilot & what appliances to turn on
  • Shut off electricity
  • Flip off individual switches
  • Then shut off the main
  • Tape a glow stick inside electrical panel and by gas shut off valve
  • Water shut off – Valve outside of the house…not main valve at street
  • Toilet tank…useable water for rinsing
  • Pool water…does anyone in the neighborhood have drinkable pool water?
  • Clorox bleach purifies water
  • Line toilet with trash bag to use toilet…Kitty litter in bag to absorb
  • CERT Program – Schedule training
  • Keep small denominations of cash available