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About Us

Welcome to the California Riviera Home Owners Association!

The California Riviera Home Owners Association (CRHOA) was formed in 1926 and incorporated on November 15, 1940, as a non-profit co-operative corporation, under the provisions of Title XII of Part IV of Division First of the Civil Code, State of California.

The association was created to manage the business affairs of the Riviera Community and ensure that the property values and quality of life for all Riviera home owners would be protected.

All home owners within the Riviera community are automatic members of the CRHOA and must abide by the CC&RS that rule the land.  Each year, the members of the association elect a Board Of Officers and Directors to represent the Riviera home owners in matters affecting the community.  The Officers and Directors are volunteers from the community who are willing to devote their time to represent the interests of all through the enforcement of the CC&Rs.

The Articles of Incorporation for the CRHOA govern the actions of the Board of Directors, and the CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines serve as the framework for all decisions.