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Construction Standards

If you would like to print this information, please click CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS

• Construction is permitted only during the following hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  No construction or landscaping is permitted on Sundays. No demoing, construction or exterior remodel is allowed without CRHOA approval.

• A fence — securely locked when workers are not present — must be maintained around the construction site until all hazardous work has been completed.

• Dumpsters and construction materials must be placed behind the construction fence whenever possible.  The large front setbacks in this neighborhood give ample space to place an 8 x 20 dumpster behind the construction fence and off the street.

• Post a demo and building permit on the fence at the site.  Also, post a contact phone number clearly visible from the street — so that problems such as graffiti, leaking water, possible break-ins can be reported to someone in charge.   All signs are to be no larger than 2’x3’ and must be approved by the CRHOA before being posted.

• Park all vehicles used in connection with the construction on one side of the street only (alternate sides), and do not park them in front of or next to neighbors’ driveways or mailboxes.  This helps make traffic flow more smoothly and reduces conflicts and complaints about the project.  Also try to spread cars out to other streets.

• On Mondays and Tuesdays, leave sufficient space free of construction vehicles in front of nearby homes so that garbage and recycling bins can be placed at the curb for weekly collection.

• Warn nearby neighbors in advance of unusually loud or messy work (such as excavating, jack-hammering or sandblasting) — and coordinate with those neighbors other activities that may affect them (such as the removal of walls, fences or landscaping along or near property lines) so they are not surprised and can plan accordingly.

• Pick up all trash on and around the property, including the adjacent street and neighboring properties, on a daily basis.   Put food waste and food wrappers in the black City issued trash can for the property, not the dumpster.  (That keeps the rats and crows away.)

• And please make sure all contractors and workers know about and follow these rules.